Licensed/Registered Practical Nurse

A Licensed/Registered Practical Nurse is a nurse who is assigned to take care of the sick and injured. They are someone who works directly under physicians and mid-level practitioners. They provide care and are responsible for individuals actions and practices in the United States as well as Canada. A Licensed/Registered Practical Nurse is someone who has two years of training in the hospital and has cleared their exams. If one is looking to have their career in the field one needs to make sure that they pass an intensive Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam.

Practical Nurse

A Licensed/Registered Practical Nurse provides basic bedside care while measuring and record patients vitals. These nurses are someone who takes care of the people who are sick and generally give injections perform placement catheters, dress wounds and others. A Registered Practical Nurse must keep the patients comfortable and help them with their personal hygiene. One of the most important task to take note of is the information from their patients which includes health history. This is especially important as a Registered Practical Nurse needs to help you fill the insurance form. Also, teach a family member some of the ways they can take care of the patients.