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Welcome to Central Fee Peer 2 Peer! This site has been created to help Newcomers to Canada learn how to get their foreign credentials assessed and to work towards employment in their chosen profession.

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We try to provide our services for people who are looking for relevant jobs opportunities.


We have some of the best names working with us and with the right resume can get you in with an opportunity.

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There are many people who are looking for a job which can match their personal needs, and we can help you.

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We are the best names who will make sure that you have the right when connecting to an opportunity.

Building a Successful Future in Canada

Canada is a place which provides one with the opportunity to learn and grow in terms of small business.

Millions of Jobs in Canada

Canada is one place which provides you with opportunities which will ensure that everything is working in your favour.


“ They are one of the best sites which have allowed to explore my opportunities to help bring about the right changes in everyone’s life.”

Edna D. Davis

About CFEE P2P

We are some of the best names in the industry who are looking to bring some opportunities that people can capitalise upon, which can allow them to gain employment opportunities.

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